Posted by: Dan Zen | January 26, 2010

PEV – Personal Energy Value in Environmental Calculations

We should factor in our time with respect to energy calculations.  For instance: our time should be a factor when we are riding a bike to work rather than driving.  Another example is if we turn off our computer and then later have to wait two minutes to turn it on.  We might even examine our past-times like what is it costing to do that Sudoko! (Yikes… not to put a damper on our relax time!)

The proposition is that we require energy to live and that we waste this energy by wasting our time.  So we need an amount that we can attribute to our personal energy.  We call this:

PEV = Personal Energy Value

It is comprised of three parts:

  • Sustenance Energy (Electricity, Gas, Food)
  • Environmental Solution Energy (Originate, Promote, Influence)
  • Cultural Worth Energy (Creation vs Consumption)

Before going into details of PEV – let us look at turning off and on the computer as an example.  It might be that we can do something else while we wait for the computer to come on but I suspect that the majority of us just sit there in a daze or worse yet, grumble that we are having to wait!


Imagine that it takes a minute to start the computer and that the computer uses 50W (Watts) in sleep mode.  I am on my computer about 6 hours a day and might go to and from my computer 10 times.



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